Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I thought this would be the best experience I ever had... boy was I ever wrong!!! This is HORRIBLE! I'm soo alone without my family. It's true what they say, "You never miss a good thing until it's gone" And damn do I ever miss my father. You know how it is, a young girl living at home with her father RARELY any freedom because of the fact that she is his pride and he fears for her reputation to be ruined... well I got that ALL THE TIME!! But I don't regret it, matter of fact I wish he would've sheltered me in a far more conservative way. Because in all honesty I was let loose and took complete advantage of my freedom and took it to another level. What an asshole I was. My parents gave me complete trust and I took it for granted. And what did I get in return? Nothing but a shitty experience and plenty of mistakes. So my first night alone, not a fun night at all. Already feeling home sick. Feel like breaking down in tears. I may have so much experience but no matter what your age or level of maturity, you will always feel torn when you are apart from your family. It's very hard to get used to, but in God's willing I will become a stronger individual!! I'm going to go write a poem now since I'm feeling down. It's what I do best. I'll share it with my readers and then give another little experience of my past days :) Oh and for my friend BEANIZER Believe me I am also a kid at heart because I love having fun, but when I get into serious conversations or when it is time to be serious people are always shocked by my level of maturity and the amount of knowledge I carry :)

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