Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Thought Of Sadness

So, they say the color blue represents sad feelings. And that's why I chose the color blue.

You know just when you think everything is going the way you want it and you've got a tight grip on life, it's starts to slip. Just like a bar of soap, hold on too tight and it's slipping right out of your hand. I believe we CAN control these things in life it's just a matter of understanding how to. For instance, this guy I have been with for almost 9 months, we have never done anything sexual and I know for a fact it's love and not lust we share. Now the last 8 months were the best ever. He'd write me poems, tell me he loves me everyday, just doing things that would show he cares and NEVER...NEVER has he ever put a frown on my face or a tear in my eye. So I stood in love. For once in my life not falling put standing high and proud for my feelings for this guy. Now what has changed? This last month was rocky. Constant fights and arguments. For no apparent reason! But at the end of the day I would apologize and it's over with. MY FIRST MISTAKE. Apologize for nothing? That was MY sign of weakness. Ladies do NOT make that mistake because once he sees he has you weak you're nothing but a piece of meat. When he wants you he'll have you and when he doesn't he'll toss you but no matter what you'll always be there!! It's a mind game. But you can figure out his game... and well lil mama's it takes two to tango and 2 can play that game. So let the player become the playee and take control of the situation. He seems like he doesn't want to talk well give him his space. Let him see you also have better things to do then wait around for him to come around!! Seriously guys do not want an easy to get with or a pleading desperate girl. They LOVE the chase. The hard to get girls. If you're always available then what challenge does he have? NONE! And that's when it starts to fall. So NOW I have learned my lesson and NOW I know no matter what guy I will keep my pride high and will never lower myself for anyone BUT God. Only One that will stick around no matter what!!! Anyways, now you know to slowly lure him into the trap he has made for you and when he's in walk away... let HIM find his way out and find YOU. Don't always let yourself be found or available. Because remember YOU too have better things to do ;)


  1. ..hi laila..i have nothing against your views..but about the "apologize" thing..(juz an opinion),'s not about-who made d 1st move nywei, i mean, it's always fine to apologize when u know it's ur mistake as long as he deserves it(same rule on him), it is never a sign of weakness provided u r using ur wits and nt ur ego (hehe),,
    but i firmly agree that God nver leaves no matter what..i coud attest to that when WE broke up(hehe)..HE is indeed a good providr:) Godbless!!

  2. they say that woman is hard to understan, but so as man..
    Anyways, there are many fish in the sea.. some are better.

  3. Beautifully written.
    Passionate love is beautiful but short live.
    Long lasting love, lack of the sudden flame of passion, but long lasting.
    Would you rather life yourself short but very enjoyable or live a longer memorable life?
    Which one would you rather have? maybe both.
    If both, before 28 life like a fire. after 28 live like a wife and a mother. Best luck!